The first men`s barbershop in Ukraine since 2012.

FIRM was born, is living and will be living as an uncompromising men`s brand. Non-material values became the base of it. Honesty, freedom and reliability are guidances and rules which are followed in every day work.

During 6 years Firm became a leading brand on the market and remain the number one brand for men. FIRM is presented in 5 countries and has 14 subsidiaries.


There was no certain places for men before the FIRM was created. Men had had their hair done by universal barbers.


Man`s life is difficult. He has to fight and overcome, defend his and family`s interests. He often feels lost and lonely in confrontation with the whole world. And there are just 2 ways: continue or give up.


We created a place where every man can be himself. We distance ourselves from the typical aesthetics, unnecessary, fake luxury and millions of related services of hairdressers.


Supporting and developing and timeless values FIRM helps men move to their goals.


Our strategy is to form and promote basic men`s values: honesty, freedom and reliability. Don`t talk about services, but to develop the brand that is going to become a friend and ally.


  • Brand style

  • Brand positioning

  • Guidelines of the interior design

  • Recommendations for work with clients

  • Business strategy

  • Marketing strategy

  • Communicating strategy

  • Marketing activities

  • Creative and operating analysis


Creative strategy — Zelenkevych Borys

Marketing strategy — Maksakov Anton


Video “Freedom of Choice” — BURO

Andrey Zhulidin — designer, illustrator