First street food festival in Ukraine.

First in its kind street food festival in Ukraine. Place where the democracy of food culture views and high standards in producing services meet.


There were 2 crucially different kinds of food with established opinions about them in Ukraine: in the restaurants - means expensive, in the street - means cheap and not qualitative enough.


Brand-hero is a human who is not attached to the place and ready to travel. He can visit expensive restaurants or can eat burgers on the street. A human with an honest look at the food, without a prejudiced attitude and type of mindset. His character was laid down into the graphic, communication and tone-of-voice.


The idea is to give people high-quality in a street festival format.


The mission is to change food culture in Ukraine.


In 2013, NUNOX CEO Anton Maksakov and restaurateur Roman Tugashev evaluated the foreign market, where such cases were already present, and decided to create such a niche in Ukraine. It was a creative experiment and realization of ambitions. It was important for Anton to get an impact on the audience that came into contact with the restaurant business, and for Roman - the desire to realize themselves in gastronomy. In 2013, we held the first festival, which presented the cuisines of different nations and formats. In addition to the organization, we are maximally involved in the process to prepare participants and achieve the maximum quality of their services. We used all available communication channels: from Facebook to the radio. At that time, social networks did not provide the necessary coverage and the necessary penetration. The same with contextual advertising - no one was looking for a new brand on the Internet. We decided to use radio and print media - and it worked. The first festival had 16 participants and many more guests than we expected - drive and enthusiasm helped to cope. It's an indescribable feeling - when you launch a new brand in the market, and people appreciate and get involved. A month later we repeated the festival - this time with a large number of guests and participants. We also managed to attract sponsors: from that moment the event became self-sustaining and began to make a profit. Today, street food is the largest event of its kind in Ukraine with a large coverage in marketing: the penetration of the Internet has grown, and we have begun to use outdoor advertising.


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